Mike Batt, Composer

Gastro Academy, Creative Writing, Songwriting - 2024 Lineup!
Top chefs, tutors and songwriting legend Mike Batt!

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Belle Breaks

(Group bookings only)

You might be birds of a feather, but who says you’re a flock of hens?

And anyway, who needs the excuse of a wedding? Tone-up and chill-out with us on a flexible and fun five-day programme with plenty of options for all abilities, ages and fitness levels. Whether you prefer a Boot Camp or something a little less robust, we can arrange your schedule to be as exhilarating or exhausting as you want it.

You want to drop a jeans-size by the time you leave? Fine: we can do Challenging. With energetic workouts, aqua-training, running, boxing, tennis, biking, a treetop assault course, walking in the Pyrenees and healthy low-cal meals…if you haven’t leaned-up or lost pounds by the end of this Army PT-based exercise regime, we’ll eat our chapeaux. But if you want us to put the military oppression on hold, we can oblige there, too. Our gentler fitness options include yoga, pilates, T’ai Chi, Pyrenean walks with picnics, an evening game of boules, a choice of beauty and massage treatments – and we’ll even include a poolside wine-tasting and some bottles of fizz.

If you and your group place a premium on chic, this tailor-made programme with optional outings and events, dates and prices to suit yourselves, is a perfect break with a stylish difference!