Cuisine in Brief

3-day Cookery Break £625

2 night/3 day Cuisine in Brief offers an intensive and action-packed hands-on programme, cooking with an inspirational French Chef and tasting local wines during a private vineyard visit.

Our Friday to Sunday Cuisine in Brief includes market visit to Revel, where the market has been held since the 13th Century, a trip to a vineyard, a Carcassonne visit and 10 hours of cooking.

10 10 £60 FRI SUN 1
Maximum class size Hours of Tuition Single Room Supplement Start Day End Day

Dates (Friday to Sunday)
April 26 – 28, 2019
May 31 – June 2, 2019
Sept 6 – 8, 2019
Oct 4 – 6, 2019

Our Monday to Wednesday Cuisine in Brief includes afternoon visit to food producer, dinner at a fine Carcassonne restaurant and 7 – 8 hours of cooking with Michelin-starred Chef Jean Marc Boyer.

10 7-8 £60 MON WED 3
Maximum class size Hours of Tuition Single Room Supplement Start Day End Day

Dates (Monday to Wednesday)
April 29 – May 1, 2019
June 3 – 5, 2019
Sept 9 – 11, 2019
Oct 7 – 9, 2019

Cuisine in Brief Schedules

Schedule Sample 1 – Friday to Sunday

Day Time Activity
Day One: Friday Arrival You will be collected at either Toulouse or Carcassonne Airport by your chauffeur and a light lunch provided.

Either: There will be a private wine-tasting visit to one of the vineyards of the region.

Or: We will visit a chocolatier where you will be able to create your own box of chocs to take home with you.


Over fizz and canapés, you’ll be informed about the weekend’s programme and receive your recipe-book containing the know-how behind the creation of classic French dishes.

You may also be shown a list of some ingredients for the next two days’ recipes, to be bought at the market in the morning – by you, if you’re keen to practise your French … but that’s not compulsory!

19:30 You will be served a four-course dinner with a selection of wines, made by one of our Chefs.
Day Two: Saturday 08:00 Early breakfast and then off to Revel market – one of the oldest in France to take in the stunning array of the best fresh and organic seasonal products: fruit, vegetables, cheeses, olives and much more.
11:30 Arrive home and immediately get to work for a cooking session with our Chef, creating a delicious light lunch using the ingredients you’ve purchased.
13:00 Lunch at home, enjoying the fruits of your labours.

After a short break, you will return to the kitchen: Chef begins his second demo and you’ll do some more hands-on cooking to prepare the evening’s dinner.

This session will last about three hours – culminating with our Chef’s demonstration of ‘dressage’ – the display and presentation of each dish.

19:00 After a short break for an aperitif and to enable you to change for dinner (optional), you will return to the kitchen to carry out your own ‘dressage’ of the evening meal.
19:45 – 20:00 Dinner with a selection of wines.
Day Three: Sunday 08:30 An early breakfast then to the kitchen for your final cooking session, preparing lunch under tutelage of our Chef.
12:00 Lunch – as you have prepared it.

Our chauffeur will take you to the airport for your return home. But on the way, if the flight schedules allow it, we will stop off at Carcassonne’s medieval Cité – the time you will be able to spend here before you are picked up again will depend on your flight-times.

La Cité is a spectacular finale to the weekend – an experience to remain with you long after your aircraft’s seat-belt sign blinks off.

Schedule Sample 2 – Monday to Wednesday

Day Time Activity
Day One: Monday Arrival You will be collected at either Toulouse or Carcassonne Airport by your chauffeur and brought home for lunch. Over coffee we’ll talk about the plan for the following days and then you’ll be off to the kitchen where Chef Jean-Marc Boyer will begin the afternoon cookery session.,
15:00 Demo and hands-on cookery tuition session with our Michelin* Chef  (3-4 hours). You will be preparing three courses of the evening meal.
19:00 After a short break to enable you to change for dinner (and grab a glass of fizz!) you will return to the kitchen to carry out the presentation of the meal under Jean-Marc’s direction.
19:45 Dinner with a selection of wines.
Day Two: Tuesday 08:30 Breakfast then to the kitchen for cookery session. You will spend the morning with Jean Marc Boyer, preparing lunch.
12.30 Lunch, as made by you.
13:30-15.00 Short “extra skills” cookery session with Jean-Marc.
14:00-14:30 Vehicle leaves for outing: this option will vary according to your particular course. Examples of a guided visit are below:

  • A cheese-making goat farm.
  • An olive oil factory to sample some varieties.
  • A honey farm.
  • A visit to Limoux to learn from the makers about the ancient creation and method behind the famous sparkling wine Blanquette de Limoux – a technique later duplicated by wine-growers in Champagne. Fizz-sampling included.
  • A hazelnut farm to learn about their journey from the trees to their processing  for food manufacturers (or example, the pulp is used in Nutella).
  • A private wine-tasting visit to one of the vineyards of the region.
  • A visit to a chocolatier where you will be able to create your own box of chocs to take home with you.
  • A truffle-hunt in the Black Mountains with a visit to a Truffle Museum. *NB this option only applies to courses between February and March).

Afterwards we will drive to Carcassonne’s La Cité – aiming to arrive there before 18.00 which will provide the chance to look around the medieval walled city, before dinner at a superb Carcassonne restaurant.

19:30 Dinner at restaurant, wine included.
21.30-22:00 Driver arrives to take you home.
Day Three: Wednesday 09:30 Breakfast
From 10:30 Our chauffeur drives you to Toulouse or Carcassonne airport or railway station.

Cuisine in Brief – Spring Example Menus

  • Terrine de chèvre frais et salade de fèves au cumin (Goat’s cheese salad with cumin)
  • Rouget grillé au thym et poêlée d’asperges vertes (Red mullet with Spring asparagus)
  • Démonstration et tour de main: le pain blanc (Bread-making demonstration)
  • Velouté de fèves, tuile au parmesan (Velouté of new beans, tile of parmesan
  • Tartare de légumes primeurs, sauce yaourt (Tartare of early vegetables, yoghurt sauce)
  • Brochette de St Jacques dorées, chutney de mangue et pomme verte (Golden scallops, mango, apples)
  • Crème chiboust au citron, salade de garriguettes au basilic à l’huile d’olive (Lemon cream patisserie, strawberry and basil salad)
  • Tartelettes chocolat caramel (Chocolate caramel tartlets)
  • Crème brûlée carotte-cardamome (Carrot and cardomom crème brûlée
  • Filet de sole roulée aux olives noires, beignets de courgettes (Fillet of sole roulée with black olives, courgettes)
  • Terrine d’agrumes au thé vert (Terrine of citrus green tea)

Cuisine in Brief – Summer Example Menus

  • Courgette farcie aux champignons (Stuffed courgettes with mushrooms)
  • Pièce de cabillaud et vinaigrette de salicornes (Cod with wild sea-asparagus)
  • Tome des brebis des Corbières et compote de cerises au thym (Sheep’s cheese with cherry and thyme compote)
  • Velouté de pois frais à la menthe (Velouté of fresh peas with mint)
  • Marbré de foie gras au de Malepeyre (Marbled foie gras of the Malepeyre)
  • Filet de veau à la sauge, gratin de courgettes à l’ail doux (Fillet of veal with sage, zucchini gratin, sweet garlic)
  • Sablé breton aux framboises, crème légère à la pistache (Raspberry Sable Breton, cream with pistachio)
  • Palets ‘tout-doux’ à la réglisse (Liquorice Treats)
  • Asperges vertes et fraises au vinaigre balsamique (Green Asparagus and strawberries in balsamic vinegar)
  • Gelée de cerises à l’amande amère (Jelly of cherries and bitter almonds)

Cuisine in Brief – Autumn Example Menus

  • Nage de moules safranées aux poivrons rouges (Broth of mussels with saffron and red peppers)
  • Tajine de canard aux abricots et aux figues (Duck tagine with apricots and figs)
  • Tarte au citron ‘comme une crème brûlée’ (Lemon tart ‘as a crème brulee’)
  • Crème brûlée au foie gras (Fois gras crème brulee)
  • Velouté de Butternut et foie gras poêlé (Veloute of butternut squash and foie gras)
  • Turbotin rôti au beurre de pamplemousse et légumes anciens (Turbot roasted with grapefruit butter, winter vegetables)
  • La tarte Tatin (Caramelised apple tart).
  • Caramels au chocolat et aux noix (Chocolate and nut caramel)
  • Grillade foie gras aux pommes, réduction de cidre aux poivres (Grilled foie gras with apple cider and pepper jus)
  • Rôti de magret de canard à la sauge et blinis de pommes de terre (Roasted duck breast with sage and potato blinis)
  • Ananas Victoria rôti ‘vanille cannelle’ (Roasted pineapple with cinnamon and vanilla)