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Cancer-Kicking Cookery Course

Cookery Course £975

Unique 4-day course with Jenny Philips.

12 TBA £100 FRI MON
Maximum class size Hours of Cookery Tuition Single Room Supplement Start Day End Day

This course is a group booking and dates can be arranged with your group subject to confirmation. Please contact us with your group size and preferred dates.

Speculation about the long-term effects of what we eat is not new. A worldwide diet, fitness and fashion industry has grown exceedingly fat upon it.

What is interesting is that people are paying greater attention these days to nutritional values which go beyond calorie-counting.

At French House Party the ‘dietary preferences’ fill-in section on our booking forms increasingly specify food-villains of whom clients want less or none.

Scoundrels like ‘gluten’, ‘dairy’, ‘sugar’ or ‘eggs’ these days get named and shamed almost as frequently as we note down the non-carnivorous requirements of vegetarians.

Now nutritionist Jenny Phillips, cancer survivor and author of the book Eat to Outsmart Cancer has teamed up with French House Party to give pioneering lessons in cuisine for health-conscious food-lovers.

Jenny applies the latest Nutritional Science research to tutor a 4-day all-inclusive residential cookery course. The scrumptious meals don’t just tick the box marked ‘healthy’, but are designed specifically for people recovering from cancer or other conditions which have proven diet-related causes.

This course is also aimed at anyone wanting to work from the inside out to build the body’s resistance to such conditions.

‘There are three powerful ways to help recovery, to use alongside treatment, or to reduce cancer risk – and they are exercise, diet and emotional health.’ Jenny says. Optional yoga classes will also form part of the French House Party programme.

The event is not just for experienced cooks; Jenny’s fun, hands-on Nutritional Therapy workshops are also suitable for beginners. Everyone will take home with them a FHP apron and a book of yummy recipes including soups, savoury dishes, salads and healthy sweet treats, all of which are designed to boost the metabolism.

The focus, Jenny insists, will be on what you can eat rather than what you can’t eat. ‘I disagree with the whole concept of being on a diet. I like to make food which is fun, fast and fabulous – and able to be adapted to personal circumstances and budgets.’

About Jenny Phillips B.Sc. Nutr. Med. MBANT

Jenny Phillips

Jenny Phillips was only 39 and the mother of two small children when, 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 11cm aggressive grade-4 tumour was successfully treated with chemotherapy and surgery, but despite this radical action Jenny’s doctors warned that there was still a 50% risk of the cancer returning.

Jenny already had a degree in chemistry. Determined to give her body the best chance of a full recovery she began exploring complementary metabolic therapies. Her extensive research established that diet accounts for more than one-third of cancer cases – statistically higher than those caused by smoking.

During and after the cancer treatment, Jenny made radical changes to her lifestyle, qualifying as a yoga teacher and taking up meditation, fresh air and exercise. However, her particular focus was biochemistry and nutrition and she went on to complete a degree in nutritional medicine, specialising in enhancing metabolism through dietary intervention.

Jenny has been free of cancer since 2003 and her book Eat to Outsmart Cancer (published June, 2015) describes how you can be a part of your own health solution by changing what you eat.

Her UK-based company, “Inspired Nutrition” brings a creative approach to healthy eating with cookery classes and educational lectures promising dishes which are ‘fun, fast and fabulous’.

As part of her integrative professional approach, Jenny liaises with medical specialists to work with patients dealing with complex conditions like cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease.

Additionally she privately coaches people with weight-management problems or who seek a dietary lifestyle to boost their health and energy levels naturally.

Prices and details

  • 4-day all-inclusive package
  • Individuals £975 (sharing a room)
  • Group size: minimum 4 participants, maximum 12
  • Single occupancy supplement: £100
  • Non-residential price £650 (includes all meals and activities)
  • Flight costs are not included
  • Free airport or railway station transfers from Toulouse or Carcassonne


“Thank you for helping us understand the connection between cancer and the foods we eat. It gave me more insight into how important it is to eat a healthy diet. It was explained in layman’s terms which was very easy to understand. It has encouraged and inspired me.”

“Although my diet is quite good, you can be sure I shall be making some changes as a result of your advice, knowing that the changes will stand me in good stead not just during the rest of my treatment and my recovery but also into my advancing years.”

“Our speaker Jenny Philips was absolutely top notch and the sound nutritional information was in-depth and easy to understand and implement. The interaction was relaxing, fun, practical and encouraging. I just cannot praise this event high enough.”

“Thank you Jenny for an excellent workshop. I have changed much of my diet (kicked out wheat and sugar, bought in green veg, etc) and although it wasn’t the aim to lose weight (albeit very needed) I have lost almost 4lbs, no hunger pains, no sugar/chocolate craving, and no need to eat between meals.”